Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
January 1, 2016

Release date:
September 13, 2016


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Hejrevej 30
DK2400 Copenhagen


Last Will is a digital Escape Room experience, where the players need to infiltrate a grand old mansion, where it's deceased owner has filled it with cryptic riddles and weird puzzles, to keep away intruders. They need to work together, to solve the puzzles in time.

In order to beat the game, the players need to make their way into the center of a grand old mansion, made by a eccentric and paranoid old professor.

The player will be tested in all manner of skills like logic, perception, maths, communication, timing and riddles.

The game can be played alone, or in teams of up to 4 players. The mansion is randomly generated each time, so the experience is fresh and challenging.

The game can be played in ESCAPE ROOM MODE with a countdown clock, or in FREE PLAY where you can set your own pace.

The game has some mild occult and creepy undertones, without going all out on a horror/slasher limb.

Randomly generated mansion.
20+ diffirent puzzle types.
Easy and simple movement and UI, putting the focus on solving the puzzles themselves.
10+ beautiful mansion rooms, including an overgrown garden.
New puzzles added bi-weekly.
Configurable game setup, where you can pick out your own custom puzzle composition.
Work together in 4-player multiplayer.
Oculus Rift support.
Modular challenges makes mods and Steam Workshop additions possible.
Flexible hint system makes sure you don't get absolutely stuck.

Content plans
All add-ons will be free, once you purchased the main game. We will not be doing any paid expansions, microtransactions or paid mods.


Teaser trailer YouTube

Logo reveal YouTube


Development is going very fast, and he easiest way to look at ingame footage is to visit our gallery on steam, where we daily take screenshots of our progress. Feel free to use these in your materials, but be aware that these pictures depict a game still in development, and changes might (and should) occur.

Awards & Recognition

The game isn't even in public beta, so none of that yet.

    Developer store http://lastwill.gg
    Where you can preorder the game, and read about it until it becomes availabe on Steam.

    Development Wiki http://lastwill.wiki
    As the game crunces on, people can feel free to follow the notes of the game (no spoilers tho).

    Team & Collaborators

    Lead developer : Nils Munch
    Music : Alex Camara & Akuma Kira
    Mansion interior and exterior : Artur Grzegorczyn
    Concept art : Sarah "Galaxara" Sharf
    Mansion randomization : Dan & Dave, Aegon games
    Morse systems : Shawn Edwards
    Lockpicking systems : Majd "Puppeteer" Abdulqadir, Jordan Swapp
    Server Shogun : Kim "GetSniped" Pedersen
    C# Assistance : judah4
    Much needed muffins: Jill Lytken Pedersen
    Fearless Alpha testers: Anders "Archilander" Berg, Patrick "Nizoku" Garst, Mathias Kastrup, Benjamin "Zeetto" D'Aniello

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